Makeup for 2019

Makeup for 2019

As a new year arrives, so does makeup trends. Makeup for 2019 – How does it look? Are we still on the sleek, supermodeled brows? Is highlighter still IT? Is baking in or out? is it dewy or is it matte? Is tan in or am I supposed to be pale? (No worries there, as a Norwegian I am pale, always relying on a fake tan to get things looking as if I descend from somewhere closer to the Mediterranean.) I thought I would check things out for you guys, and let you have a list over the 5 most wanted trends of makeup 2019.

1: Natural brows

Img crd: Hadis Safari Can I get an amen?! Natural brows are back, maybe not young Madonna or Brooke Shields back, but not so timeconsuming as lining, plucking and 50 ways of shading. What can we use to achieve the natural look?

  • Browgel
  • Browmousse
  • Microblading – the more permanent way of getting brows you love. Perfect for those who need xtra fill ins
  • Toothbrush and hairwax – Go crazy and brush it up, up, up!
  • Line & highlight underneath, but leave the top brushed and less tamed

I am truly grateful for this, as my brows are born to be thick and bushy, and never cooperate! You know, that old “They should be like sisters, but look more like real distant relatives”? THOSE are my brows. At least now I can feel “En vogue”.

2: Glossy Lips

Img cred: Ian Dooley

Nope, the mattes are not going anywhere, I can tell. But: Gloss is boss. Put it on top, use it alone, or even get it on your eyelids. Laquered eyes were huge that time Chanel introduced their black and red eyeshadow with a gloss to wear under or over. (Yes, of course I bought it. Wore it at home in front of the mirror acting like Madonna) So: Gloss in nudes, browns, metallic, and shimmery tones will be ruling alongside the matte standards. I can`t say I`m unhappy, as matte looks fabulous in pictures, and on perfectly hydrated lips, but not so much on dry, chapped winterpuckers.

Gloss and chapstick are my favorites, so I have stuck to this regardless. Why change a winning team?


3: Nails (acrylics, hard gel, or natural if you are lucky)


Img crd: DesignecologistMy Instagram feed is packed full of nails, since I used to be a nailtech and I love looking at them. These days nails are ART, and those who can really master it are way beyond what I ever managed with my work. (Thats what you get for living in a small town where everyone wants “just a french mani”) All the shapes, styles, textures, bling and colors.. How can we not love it? some of my favourite Instagram nail stars are:



  • Noodle_yess
  • Quaynaildit
  • celinaryden
  • margaritasnailz
  • ninjanailfairy
  • solinsnaglar (She did Rihanna`s nails when she held a gig in Sweden/Europe, she is THAT good)
  • impekablenails (Peka Grayson – George Takei showed her work and erykahbadu dm`d her)
  • chaunlegend (you know, that go-to guy for the Kardashians, Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson)

Everything is allowed: The crazier the better, or the classier the better? It is up to you.

If you want to do it yourself (since not everyone can splurge) these are some good sites:

And of course :,,, and will also provide what you need!

4: Less contouring   

I was very happy to learn that this timeconsuming trend is less prevalent this year. Just because I never really get it right, and the contours look frickin` harsh when not sat in front of a makeuplit mirror.

Does this mean the end for it all? No, just use your regular bronzer and/or blush and be done with it. I don`t know about you guys, but I feel like the more of a polished look I achieve, the more of an image I have to keep up. I suddenly feel liberated here, not having to flaunt a 100% built in, framed and caged face. I can just keep it “organic” and be done.


5: Dewy, matte or luminous skin- Yes to all.

Love the skin you`re in! Foundation can be matte and dewy or “dumpling skin” (more like dumpling colored skin with mooncrater structure in my case) or just prepped with a bb cream and some setting powder in the most oily areas. Top with a highlighter of choice and you are good to go! Personally I like to use my spf50, put on concealer on the middle parts of my face (nose, under eyes, a bit in the forehead) polish or buff it out. I then top off with some baking/setting powder, get my highlighter (and a slight bronzer if I feel xtra) on eyelids, cheekbones and nose, mascara, browgel and done. Works for me!

In short:

Less matte, less harsh, less cakey and built up. Less contours (read streaks for some of us) and no highlight overkill either. More gloss, more dewy goodness. – Keep it how YOU like it. Just know that it is ok to not look airbrushed all the time, and that confidence goes a looong way. Be yourself whatever you choose; what fun is a face full of makeup if the inner you is not happy? Stay FABULOUS!!


Wishing you all a great day!




2 thoughts on “Makeup for 2019

  1. This is a great post and I find it really useful as I tend to e a bit behind the times when it comes to the latest make up trends! I’m so glad that gloss is back as this has always been a big fan of mine and I never got into the matte look. I don’t think matte looks all that good on paler skin (like mine). I will bookmark your website for future reference. Thanks

    1. Thank you Helen! I`m glad you found it useful! – I agree, matte is not a favourite of mine either, looks better in pictures, not on my dry lips 😉 Thanks you for writing!!


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