Huda Beauty Matte Lipstick

I know Huda Beauty is somewhere on my top 10 LUXXE list.. but Huda Beauty matte lipstick needs a league of its own – I just can`t stop loving these matte treasures!! <3


They are AMAZING! Just the ombre lipstick case makes me drool. Huda Beauty writes that each has its own recipe, to really nail the right consistency for each color. How`s that for thoughtful? Matte AND creamy baby, I`m in!  My favorites are “Joyride” and “Ladies night”  – How about you?



Another fave is this from the series of liquid matte lipsticks:—heartbreaker/HB00188.html


Just imagine bronze skin, white sand, Huda lashes and this baby on your puckers …. <3

I`ll go dream some more on her website and Instagram!


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