How to fake a tan like a pro!


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Get your fake tan here!! :)




How to REAL tan like a pro:

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It is springtime, the palest, pastiest time of the year. If you did not win the melanin lottery, you have 2 options (or maybe 3) :

  • Stay pale and tell people you are of vampire-descent.
  • Buy a self tanner that is not 1: Orange 2: Smelly.
  • Eat your vitamins. The last 3 – 4 years Betacarotene has been heavily commercialized, some love it, some don’t. For some reason it made me break out real bad, so I looked like I had severe acne all over my shoulders and back. Not exactly a win-win situation. It DID however make my skin more enduring, and not burn or get red so quickly. Still, I prefer pale over acne and sun rashes.

You catch my drift.. it`s not VITAL for me to get a tan…

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Unless I stick to pants all through the summer, self tanner is my preferred way to go, and I have tried most products out there. I hear the “clear trend” is here in 2019, and I ask myself “WHY tho?” – Did anything good ever come from tanning with a white or clear spray/lotion? I would love to talk to those few people who`ve got that stuff figured out! I could might as well rub it in whilst wearing a blindfold. – I once had the pleasure of doing the nails of two beautiful girls before their prom; on streaky, orange brown hands. They told me they`d self tanned in a cubicle (yes, clear spray), and gone to sleep not long after. I gave them my tips from my own years of mistakes, and hoped they could even some of it out before the next evening. At least their nails looked great!

I am sure most of the self tanners among us can relate to this :

Or this:

10 steps to fake tan

If you opt for the selftan choice , you know that the conditions are way better for us at this time, than way back in the 90`s when I started my career in the world of glorious, smelly orange tan. I have tried most tanners under the sun, from cheap to expensive. My favorites have been in both ranges, so price is never a testament to what is best to wear. My personal preference when it comes to consistency is tinted mousse or lotion. I have not gotten around to test the dry oils or the apply in shower ones, but I feel they might be more fancy than practical. (But, I could be wrong!)

  1. Shower, shave, moisturize. If you don’t do these, please consider using a wash off-tan so no one gets stressed after a few hours of developing blotchy color.
  2. Lay yourself to DRY. Yes, on the bed, wearing only a towel, and let that skin dry up from the post-shower dampness
  3. Find your latex gloves (or Nitrile ones if you`re allergic) – Yes, I know we have mitts these days, but let`s be real, they were probably made for the companies to sell you something extra. Gloves give more control.
  4. Find yourself a large makeup brush or a flat makeup sponge. (for tanning your hands and face when you are done with the body.)
  5. Keep baby wipes, or makeup wipes available, in case you slip up, and to go over your nails and soles of feet etc. when you are done. (Clean between fingers, toes and around nails and a light brushing over the knuckles and on the outside of your feet and in the arch of your feet as well.)
  6. Now tan from the neck downwards, use gloves on body, and brush/sponge on face, hands and feet. Lay yourself (or stand) to DRY.
  7. If you are going to bed, keep the sheets dark, or put on clothes.
  8. If you are going somewhere, do not shower for at least 1-2 hours, and be gentle when patting yourself dry.
  9. If you want a deeper tan, I have seen some Youtubers profess showering after 1 hour, and then reapply the whole thing once more, THEN shower before going out. I have never tried it, but it makes sense. Or you can just buy a really DARK shade.
  10. ENJOY!

If all else fails, remember pale is also its own kind of beautiful! Own the skin you are in <3paletattoedbeauty


Smelly, fake tan hugs from Anya!


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