Eyelash serum – Does it work? (In my experience, YES!)

Eyelash Serum – A good way to get fab lashes, just make sure yours is safe!


I am not really in need of an eyelash serum, as my lashes are quite long and dark. STILL, I saw all these ads and articles written, and the commercials promoting them. Since I am a sucker for anything new in the world of makeup, I ended up giving it a go! I am no fan of fake lashes in any form, they are great for occasions, but not really very practical. I bet a lot of you girls out there have seen a not so sober chick with half a lash poking out on the side of her eye, right? #whereistheholeintheground OR: How about finding a big, fat fake lash in your butter at work?? Turned me off butter for months..


“But now we have extensions” you say? As a former eyelash stylist (from the time it was a BRAND new concept) I must say I can’t really promote them anymore. It used to be for weddings, vacations and stuff like that, but now even 16 year old girls are sporting them, and to be honest, not everyone knows their trade, so you may end up with weird looking lashes, not to mention nasty cheap glue that destroys both skin and lashes. I mean, it`s the same with nail techs who don’t really care about much more than your money; they don’t concern themselves with things like hygiene or aesthetics!


I like it when you can have an understated look, just like no makeup-makeup, but then I see those or 5D put on, and it sometimes makes me cringe. It`s no good for your own lashes, and to be honest, it sorta looks like you put a spoiler on an old Honda sometimes. Less is more, that`s why I recommend an eyelash serum.





What to consider :

In the early days of eyelash serum, they made them with prostaglandin analogues in the mix. This is a chemical substance that is usually found in medical eye drops, and the effect on lashes is actually a side effect they discovered when treating patients for Glaucoma.

I don’t know how this is regulated in all different countries, but in mine, prostaglandin is banned from commercial use. This is because of their nature of intended use. Kloprostenol is one that was found in my lash serum (the first I bought) it turns out that was used in veterinary medicine, to provoke abortion in animals. In addition, if you re really unlucky, your eye color might change as a result of the stimulation of melanin that occurs around the eye. Not so great info to get when I was almost through my first bottle!

So: Please do your research, and make sure your eyelash serum is free from prostaglandin analogues.


Natural Eyelash serums online

I use one that is for sale in my country, but I guess it`s made in China, and therefore many stores around the world might carry the same, only branded different. My supplier needed to have the ingredients changed since the local FDA found 3 different Prostaglandin analogues in it. Huge news coverage on that one, and I didn’t even know it! A friend told me, so after that, I mailed back and forth with the company to make sure I would not be at risk. These days my brand is compliant.


Other brands I have checked out that seem to be fine are:


PLUME cosmetics lash and brow enhancing serum (ALL natural)

Lash Food eyelash enhancer (Worlds only Eco cert eyelash enhancer)

IQ natural Castor oil kit (Castor oil works, it`s natural and it is a cheap alternative)

Revitalash Advanced Eyelash conditioner (Ophthalmologist developed and Hypo-allergenic)

Rapidlash eyelash enhancing serum (Safe for contact lens wearers, Dermatologist tested)

Vegamour volumizing serum (Hormone free, 100% vegan and cruelty-free)



Most lash serums are on the pricey side, but remember: A little goes a long way! I have had 1 container for at least 6 months. If you haven’t tested these serums before, know it will take time before the results start to show!

Good luck on your search for great lashes!

Anya 🙂






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