Do home hair removal lasers really work?

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If you have asked this question you are not alone!

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Summer is upon us, and I`m sure pretty many can relate to the feeling of stressing with body hair. Being light skinned with very dark hair, this has been a lifelong struggle, and I cannot begin to add up the sums of money spent on freeing myself from my unwanted heritage. I can remember always wearing long pants, long sleeved sweaters and never wanting to be in the sun. Pale AND hairy.. It`s just not a great combo. Add that my mom denied my wishes of shaving, because I was too young, add some bullying on top of that, and you have an antisocial kid for sure. To this day I can still remember some of the comments I got, so this home laser device is a Godsend for me, and hopefully others who are contemplating buying one!

I have never cared for the natural look, and I never will. (Of course, if you want to go that way, it`s perfectly fine, we all have our preferences) – I just always wanted to be free of the hassle. No shaving, no wondering if the (dark) mustache would be seen or felt, and no spending time EVERY single day removing body hair. I have been at it with tweezers, waxing (gave me ingrown hairs and big pimples ALL over my face and legs), shaving, hair removal cream. I used to clean at a hair salon after school, and even made bleach for the hairs on my arms every week) – If you can relate, please read on:

you know the feeling..


So: Do home lasers really work? In my experience, yes indeed! (And I have tried laser in several salons that did NADA for my upper lip) A couple of years ago, I went to a local department store to buy something completely different, and ended up with a Silk`n Flash and go Luxxe. – I took it home with me, and to be honest, I tried it a few times that year, I noticed a difference, and then summer came, and I forgot to use it for a long period.

Some of the reason for this was that I am not sparsely decorated with hair, so the estimated time on the manual was not anywhere near my time needed. – So to all of you very hairy ladies (and gents) you need to be prepared to have your patience tested! When I think of all the time I have spent shaving, it`s not a hard choice to sit down with the laser device for an hour, give or take. My favorite is to watch YouTube tutorials or watch some online classes while I use my laser.

I will say that I have chosen to use it more often than it says in the user manual, and I have had no bad experience with this. I have used it on max power (you can choose from 1-5) all the times and places on my body. But ladies: You should avoid using during or right before your period. It may not be stated in the manual, but we have a lower tolerance for pain during those days.

Silk'n Flash Go All-Over Hair Removal Handheld Device SN-008
My choice!

Silk’n Flash Go All-Over Hair Removal Handheld Device SN-008


This might pose the question “Does it hurt?” – I`d say no more than a rubber band smacking your skin, and way less than salon laser or waxing! But still, when you do it enough times, and especially if you flash the same patch of skin twice, you will feel it.

SO: What can you expect if you buy this product? – If you have light skin and dark hairs, you are set up for optimal results. I have used this every other week for a few months in a row now, and I can see a great difference. I can shave a few hairs here and there every other week maybe. Keep in mind, this will vary depending on how thick/coarse your hairs are, and how much hair you have.  I don`t know if companies are allowed to state “permanent hair removal”, but in my case, I do touch ups maybe once or twice every other month. That is FINE by me! BUT is it worth it? Yes, yes, yes and YES. For everyone who has had their lives crippled by excessive body hair growth, this is an absolute gem! Imagine being able to just get up in the morning, NO shaving in the shower, and just put on some shorts or a skirt? Or to wear a bikini without obsessing over hairs and bumps? It is just the most magical feeling, and I wish it on anyone who is inhibited from their body hair in any way whatsoever!

Do I need protective glasses? I have never used that, I close my eyes or turn my head away from the device when it flashes. But if you WANT to, you can buy yourself a pair! Nothing wrong with looking after your eyesight.

There is a wide range of products to choose from at Silk`n, so you can find something to suit your needs! I hope people can find hope in this, and that this info could be of some assistance!

As always, ask me if there is anything you would like to know!

Anya <3

PLEASE NOTE: The darker your skin tone, the worse results could be, because laser seeks dark pigment, and then you will have less contrast between skin and hair. Always ask the seller, or Silk`n customer service, before you decide to buy! The devices do have a built in feature, so it won’t work if the skin tone is too dark. This prevents your skin from any damage.


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